A Change of Season

“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven.” (Ecclesiastes 3:1)

The News

On Sunday, October 19th, the elders of exchange church shared with the church that, after much prayer, consideration, and consulting with outside veteran pastors, the time has come to shut the church down.

The Why

There are two main areas for this decision.

  1. Finances. At the State of the Church meeting January 2014 the elders shared that our basic expenses are more than what is coming in, and that if that didn’t change, then tough decisions would need to be made. Over the course of the year the finances have slowly declined and we reached a decision point.
  2. Over the past months, both Jordan and Corby, quite independently of each other, came to the conclusion that their respective times at the church were coming to an end. Not out of any kind of hurt or division, but simply the Lord saying that its time to move on, this season in their lives is over. With the lead pastor, and an elder / worship leader departing, we reached a decision point.

It seems pretty clear that the Lord is wrapping things up at exchange church. This isn’t a defeat. It isn’t a loss. “To everything there is season.” If the Lord is saying that the season is coming to a close, it would be disobedient to try to make the thing keep going.

The Lord has used the church in every life in the church. The elders believe that everyone in the church has the potential to be an important part of wherever they end up. “Everything is preparation for something else.” (Chuck Smith) There have been years of preparation. It’s time for something else.

What We Need

We, the church, want to end well. We just gave notice to our landlord and they will probably want us to pay the rent for November as part of our 30-day notice. Plus the church has a small credit card bill (some church van repair and similar items). Because of this we are asking the church to tithe through the end of November so that we can wrap things up free and clear. Please prayerfully consider this.

What’s Next

The main variable in terms of a time table and what’s next is whether or not our landlord with hold us to the rent for November. Regardless, here is the short-term plan.

  • For the next two Tuesdays we will be gathering for prayer at the church as normal.
  • Next Sunday, the 26th we are having our 4th Sunday Family Breakfast at 10am. We will eat, pray, and send each other off. We will also share a list of things we need to do to the building to move out.

Stay Tuned.

We will be using the church Facebook page as the primary means of mass communication during this transition. (We are ending our account on The City as it is a monthly expense.) Any urgent news will go out as a mass text as well as being posted on Facebook.

We thank you all. We love you all. If you have an specific questions please contact Corby directly.

May God continue to bless,
Corby and Jordan

PS. You can access and bookmark our teaching library and continue to receive and Bible studied Corby may get to teach in the future. The address is www.thebluethread.org. You can also subscribe to a podcast to receive studies automatically. You can also follow Corby on Facebook at facebook.com/corbystephens